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Oh, this little blog has not been attended to in many years. I've still been taking care of friends and family, but I've not posted here as I once did. In the meantime, my beloved hobby has become an accidental business. I'd be honored for you to come visit!

My loved hobby became an accidental business, and its name is Sanomo Photo. My primary time is spent in homeschooling, but when I can, I will book sessions. It is just FUN and I always hope that I leave the family/person/group a little happier for having worked with me. Come see me at my new site, and maybe I'll get to work with YOU soon!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Our Ballerina Girl

Our sweet Sarah has two costumes this year for her recital, and I wanted her to have her own pictures "in as many poses as you want".  This is a small sampling.

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  1. Oh my word.....that child is beyond gorgeous!!!!!! What amazingly beautiful pics!!!!! Great job :)